Designed to soothe tired, aching muscles and restore health and vitality. Our perfectly tailored massages are designed to suit individual needs with blends of essential oils which help promote a state of relaxation and improved wellbeing. 


Signature massage  30 mins $65  45 mins $85  60 mins $120 

Our signature massage is a unique combination of consistent pressure and gentle stretching, using a soothing, rhythmical flowing movements to ease muscle tension.  Jojoba, Macadamia and  Avocado oils combined with Vitamin E help to nourish the skin while Lavender and Nerolina will help to calm and promote relaxation.


Balinese massage  60 mins $120  90 mins $175 

A healing therapy combining awareness of body and spirit. Acupressure, muscle manipulation and warm sweeping techniques are used with essential oils to assist the healing process leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


Deep Tissue massage 60 mins $120  90 mins $175 

Firm to strong massage working on the deeper layers to release chronic muscle tension and relieve stress. Reaching the deeper levels this massage helps with aches, tightness and circulation.


 Hot Stone Massage 60 mins $130  90 mins $185 

Beautifully warmed stones combined with long soothing strokes is soothing and healing on the body. The heated stones relax the muscles and allow for a deeper massage reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation, increased detoxification and relief of long standing muscle tension.


Pregnancy massage 45 mins $90  60 mins $120 

A gentle soothing massage for the mum to be. Focusing on relaxation techniques this massage will help release tensions in the body and enhance the wellness of mother and child. Your comfort is our number one priority and we aim to bring you to a state of complete calm and relaxation to restore your sense of wellbeing.


Reiki Massage 60 mins $110   

Take a journey through this blissful full body nurturing massage, infused with the reiki energy; as our experience Reiki practitioner focuses on calming your nervous system, releiving any pain or tension, as well as re-balancing, re-grounding & re-centering your entire being. Leaving you feeling completely relaxed with a sense of clarity, lightness & feeling compltely stress free.


Reiki Crystal Healing 60 mins $110 

Reiki is a gentle hands-on treatment but is not a massage. Our experienced Reiki practitioner will channel energy into your body to assist the re-alignment of any imbalances in your body. You will feel relaxed, balanced and deeply refreshed after this treatment. Reiki relieves pain, assists restful sleep, calms the body and balances body, mind and spirit. *suitable for pregnant woman


ADD ON Chakra Balancing: 30 mins $80

Enhance your spa experience by selecting this add on chakra cleanse and balance. Your therapist will scan, balance and energise your chakras and aura through energy healing techniques and anointing specific chakras with selected Aromatherapy oil blends and then sealing this treatment with a subtle aromatic mist and powerful healing affirmations.


Meditation 30 mins $85 60 mins $120

Discover the art of mindfulness and finding stillness within through the practise of meditation with a guided private session. By training the brain to become an observer of thought and learning to focus attention inwardm you can invoke a deep sense of calm and a heightened sense of awareness. This session can be shared by two people for 60 mins $70 per person