Designed to soothe tired, aching muscles and restore health and vitality. Our perfectly tailored massages are designed to suit individual needs with blends of essential oils which help promote a state of relaxation and 


Signature massage 30 mins $65| 45 mins $90| 60 mins $120|  90 mins $175

Our Circa signature massage is customised to each guest using a unique combination of consistent pressure and gentle stretching with soothing and rhythmical flowing movements to ease muscle tension.  Jojoba, Macadamia and  Avocado oils combined with Vitamin E help to nourish the skin while Lavender and Nerolina calm and promote relaxation. We recommend monthly masages to help restore health and vitality.



 Deep Tissue massage 30 mins $65| 45 mins $90| 60 mins $120| 90 mins $185

Firm to strong massage working on the deeper layers to release chronic muscle tension and relieve stress. Reaching the deeper levels this massage helps with muscle aches, tightness and increases circulation.


Remedial massage 30 mins $65| 45 mins $90| 60mins $120| 90 mins $185

Your therapist can treat a range of musculoskeletal injuries, address postural and patterns of strain as well as improve recovery, flexibility and endurance. This massage can be effective in reducing muscle soreness and enhancing recovery after strenuous exercise. Regular monthly massages are recommended.


 KODO ‘Melody’ Massage 60 mins $185

 MARTA KODO ‘Big Melody’ Massage 90 mins $240

Inspired by traditional Aboriginal healing practices, KODO understands that energy moves through and around, inside and outside of the body by flushing, realigning and healing. We ask you to choose the most appropriate oil for your massage then to be followed by a smoking ritual which helps clear and ground energies. This is truly a massage like no other.


Pregnancy massage 45 mins $90  60 mins $120 

A gentle soothing massage for the mum to be. Focusing on relaxation techniques this massage will help release tensions in the body and enhance the wellness of mother and child. Your comfort is our number one priority and we aim to bring you to a state of complete calm and relaxation to restore your sense of wellbeing.