Our Circa specilised facials are tailored to your specific skin concerns. Our skin therpists will complete a skin diagnosis for you and costomise your facial using our advanced skin care range to have your skin feeling it's absolute best. All you need to choose how long you wish to spend in our spa for your pamper. 

Circa Signature Facial | 60mins $135

Circa Signature Facial | 90mins $185 




Oxy, Peel &Sculpt Triple Treatment Facial | 75 mins $175

Ultimate combination of Microdermabrasion, Oxygen infusion and Cupping stimulates, tones and sculpts the skin in a totally non-invasive way with AMAZING results!! Removal of dull, rough skin and cleansing of pores whilst stimulating collagen production aided by the infusion of pure oxygen and key vitamins and minerals your skin is firmed, lifted and plumped!! The natural facelift with no downtime. Perfect for brides to be!!  We recommended our favourite treatment monthly.


MicroFacial | 60mins $160

Using Microdermabrasion as a deeper exfoliant for your skin alongside using our advnaced skin care rnage giving you the ulitmate refresh facial.  


DMK Enzyme Therapy | 1 Hour 45mins each facial  

The core facial of DMK proferssional skin revisiontreatments. Designed to encourage the skin to function optimally. Enzyme therapy is a unique concept exclusive to DMK. 

Level 1 $250

Level 2 $280

Level 3 $330

Level 4 $350

Lunch time peel | 45mins $150


High Performance LED Facials 

Utilising over 4000 powerful LED lights Red, Yellow, Green and Blue which are swithced from colour to colour depending on the course of treatment required. These facials target a diverse range of common skin concerns including acne,congestion,redness,pigmentation and line lines. 

Express LED light facial | 45 mins $100

LED Light Facial | 60 mins $150



Collagen Induction Therapy (Skin Needling) 

Skin needling creates mirco needle wounds to the skin that accelerate the body's natural healing process and work to repair the skin through increased production of collagen and elastin.

Full face | 75 mins mins $299 per treatment 

Prepay 5 treatments at $210 per treatment Saving $445 

Add on

Neck area | $150

Decolletage | $200


Add on to any facial 

LED light | 20mins $50 

Microdermabrasion | 15 mins $50