Our luxurious body treatments are designed to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and transform your skin promoting total relaxation and wellbeing. Relax with a nutrient rich exfoliation to revitalise and restore radiance resulting in freshly toned and smooth looking skin. Combine this with either our body mask or wrap for the ultimate indulgence. 


Nouveau Deep cleanse exfoliation  60 mins $145 

 Our full of goodness scrub will effectively remove lifeless skin cells with natural exfoliating granules. Pure Australian essential oils and liquid extracts are delivered straight into freshly revealed cells leaving your skin deliciously smooth and soft.


Smooth coffee exfoliation  60 mins $145

A stimulating exfoliation using freshly ground coffee with healing Himalayan salt, brown sugar, sweet almond and Juniperberry essential oil. This treatment will remove dead skin cells and soften while the caffeine assists to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Beautifully natural ingredients to refreshen tired skin and increase circulation. Perfect for that special occasion or change of season.


Nouveau body mask  75 mins $180 

 A full body exfoliation followed by a body mask, scalp massage and relaxing shower. Utilising a blend of natural Australian organic clays and essential oils, this treatment is designed to cleanse, tone and detoxify your body.


Coffee & Chocolate body wrap  75 mins $180 

A decadent treatment that awakens your skins senses. Utilising the richness of coffee and the indulgence of chocolate this body wrap will protect your skin cells from free radicals and remove dead skin cells leaving you glowing inside and out.


BATH SOAK 30 mins $65

Our stunning copper bath will transport you to another world. Enjoy a calming and luxurious bath soak enriched with goodness whichever treatment you choose to complement. Feel the tension melt away as you relaxing in stunning, peaceful surrounds. Your skin will feel hydrated and silky smooth whilst your body and mind enter the ultimate peaceful state. Combine with an invigorating body exfoliation and a massage to finish.


Coffee and chamomile 

Let the days stresses melt away as you slip into a calming and soothing luxurious bath soak filled with goodness. Chamomile relaxes the body and mind while coffee can have the benefit of aiding in cellulite reduction.  With a heavenly fragrance this bath soak will send you on a wellness journey healing both mind, body and spirit.


Chocolate milk 

The aroma of cocoa is enough to send you into a blissful state while at the same time being rich in flavanol antioxidants it will work to help defend your skin against free radicals. Our treatment can also trigger the release of serotonin which is responsible for maintaining mood balance and will leave you in a calm, peaceful state of mind.


Lavender, chamomile, calendula, milk & oatmeal 

A combination that is enriched with skin-softening ingredients and scented with oils to promote relaxation. Breathe deeply and slowly and allow your body to fully relax whilst letting the oatmeal and lavender botanically cleanse your skin and chamomile to soothe. An indulgent treatment for even the most sensitive skin. Perfect winter treatment.


Red wine 

The ultimate indulgence! A red wine soak is Invigorating and also a source of powerful antioxidants which will work to neutralise free radicals whilst also improving blood circulation. Healing and theraupeutic for your body and soul this luxurious treatment promotes a sense of wellbeing.


Oolong & green tea 

Unwind with this refreshing and detoxifying bath soak whilst softening your skin. Antioxidant and detoxifying properties this is one of the best.