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Circa 1929. Allow yourself to be transported to another place. A place where time stands still. A place where you are made to feel special from the moment you step through the front doors. Circa 1929. A peaceful retreat where our focus is on you. A place like no other.


Circa 1929 ~ 19th century service ~ 20th century style ~ 21st century facilities. 

Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage will take you on the journey of pure relaxtion, switch you off and bring you back to your inner self. Combined with essential oils to assist the healing process.

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Rejuvenating Full Body Exfoliation

Our full of goodness scrub will effectively remove lifeless skin cells with natural exfoliating granules. Pure Australian essential oils and liquid extracts are delivered straight into freshly reveale.......

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Shirodhara Hot Oil Treatment

Shiro meaning Head and dhara meaning flow. This treatment is a specialised treatment to Circa 1929. This treatment has an oil flow that continuosly flows onto the third eye allowing you the ultimate t.......

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